Gym Concept

A New Gym Concept: The Benefits of Bringing Nature Indoors

We already know about the many benefits of daily physical activity and exercise. It improves your physical and mental health, builds stronger muscles, improves your immunity and much more. But we have now come to a point where we can upgrade everything we know about working out by combining the benefits of outdoor workouts and gyms.

What are organic gyms?

After organic foods and drinks, we now have organic gyms. Organic or green gyms are those that have elements that are reminiscent of any outdoor space. They include plants and natural materials, in many cases, those with air-purifying properties. The goal of this natural biofit concept is to provide people with a healthy place to exercise without having to give up the well-loved gym scenery. The benefits are, of course, many, but let’s start from the ones for your physical health.

Physical health benefits

One of the physical benefits is that green gyms normally have floors made from grass-like materials, and the floors are often uneven. This gives the sense of working out outside, which is pretty useful since your muscles and joints have to work harder to stay focused and balanced. You have to train your feet and hands to grasp more firmly, which means more strength is needed. Your body has to adapt to the conditions that are already there and has to work even harder, which ultimately leads to better results. The air purifying plants are there to give you more oxygen and fresh air, which makes your workout sessions a lot more efficient and makes you more awake and ready. Aerobic exercises are quite beneficial, and you can get a similar effect in one of these gyms. You won’t miss any type of exercise as green gyms offer cardio programs as well as weight training, and even places where you can do “outdoor” yoga sessions even when it’s raining outside. It will be your little piece of heaven.

Gym Concept

Mental health benefits

Exercise, in general, is a great way to keep our mental health checked, to an extent. It relieves us of stress, helps us relax and clears our minds. This is especially true for workouts in green spaces where we have fresh air and we simply feel more alive and motivated. Activities done this way boost our memory, our brain functions and help us build self-confidence. In case you suffer from insomnia or any sleep problem, organic gyms are a great way to help your body change its routine and become healthier that way as well. Depression is a common illness of the 21st century, and your first line of defense could actually be anaerobic exercises that will make you more positive, motivated and fulfilled.

How do these gyms actually look?

The whole concept of green gyms is to make you feel like you are working out outdoors without giving up the traditional gym machines and weights. This is why ropes, sandbags, logs, wooden benches, leather punchbags and trees are used, alongside regular weights, treadmills, indoor bikes, and many others. This allows you to do every part of your training there but you can also focus more on the movement, stamina and strength. In many cases, the gym equipment will be made asymmetrical and uneven to make you work harder and create a feeling of working out outside. The decor of these gyms is also something that helps complete the feeling with many greenery and plants around. Research shows that the color green in itself helps create that sensation, but even more when you have grass-like floors and plants hanging from walls that you can smell and touch during your workout.

Gym Concept

There are many reasons why outdoor workouts may not be possible for you. You might not have a nearby green place, the weather might be bad, or you might simply prefer the gym scenery. Well, with this new gym concept, you can combine the two and bring nature indoors.