Which Sports Do America’s Youngest Adults Enjoy

Mature members of Generation Z — ages 18-20 — are enthusiastic swimmers and runners like their elderly counterparts, reports Nielsen at a recent statistics release. In reality, these actions are appreciated by nearly half (46 percent) of both Gen Z respondents into the Nielsen Scarborough research. Approximately one-third of 18-20-year-olds have ridden bicycles in the […]

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How to Get into E-sports & Competitive Gaming

At the moment, it’s more than evident that both e-sports and competitive gaming are getting bigger and bigger as social phenomena. Gaming tournaments and leagues are massive, with thousands of live spectators (in real sporting arenas) and hundreds of thousands more observing via streaming services. Prize pools are measured in millions of dollars and it’s […]

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Is Distance Running Bad For Your Heart

Running is a beneficial exercise, especially when we look at the health and economic benefits that come along with it. Running is one of the most popular as well as an efficient way of exercising. This is something may people engage in when looking to keep fit or even as a career. Many people enjoy […]

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lifting weights in shoes

Is It Ok To Lift Weights In Running Shoes

Running shoe is one of the best gadgets of any runner or athlete’s life. The market of this product is huge and like any other electronic gadgets, all the shoe companies invest a significant amount of money in research and development. Often we become so much confused when we go are going to purchase a […]

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What Concerns Are Associated With Exercising In Hot Weather

What concerns are associated with exercising in hot weather? There are several concerns you will be faced with when working out in hot weather. The body has inbuilt cooling mechanisms. The cooling mechanism leads to sweating and opening of pores. Too much heat as you work out can expose you to several effects related to […]

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long distance running

Is Long Distance Running Healthy

Long distance runners will advocate their sport to anyone. They will tell you how great they feel thanks to the production of endorphins; they are very energetic and are in really good shape. When they put it like that, it does sound like a great way to exercise. You may not think that running is […]

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man running a marathon

Should You Start Running Marathons?

If you want to start running marathons, you should not be doing it just for the hell of it. Sure, it’s one thing to go on a run once in a while and enjoy your experience, but if you are seriously considering marathons and doing them regularly, you should give some serious thought to why […]

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girl running outside

Why You Should Start Running

Some people start running because they have an interest in improving their fitness, lose a lot of weight, or for some other reason. They think that by running regularly they will lose some weight and improve their body shape. And they are right! However, there are also some disadvantages to running. In this article, we […]

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Gym Concept

A New Gym Concept: The Benefits of Bringing Nature Indoors

We already know about the many benefits of daily physical activity and exercise. It improves your physical and mental health, builds stronger muscles, improves your immunity and much more. But we have now come to a point where we can upgrade everything we know about working out by combining the benefits of outdoor workouts and […]

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Black woman is drinking orange juice

What Should U Eat Before A Run

The energy you derive from the food you take should help you adapt to a race as well as help your muscles recovery.check here to learn more about what you should consume in preparation for a race or running routines.

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