Choosing the Right Workout Clothes

How well we perform and how good we feel after our workout largely depends on the type of clothing we choose to wear while exercising. They can either make it or break it, so it’s important to invest in something that will ensure our workout goes as smooth as possible. When it comes to selecting the right type of activewear, it’s important to look beyond pretty colors and patterns. Even though aesthetics play an important role, they shouldn’t be the only criteria we apply when shopping for our workout clothes. To help you save some time and money, we’re sharing a couple of tips on finding the right workout gear. Have a look.

Look for workout clothes made from moisture-wicking fabricsfit

When you’re exercising, you want to keep your body cool and sweat-free, and the best way to achieve that is to wear moisture-wicking fabrics. Certain synthetic fabrics are made to pull moisture away and help it evaporate, leaving your skin cool and dry. Many people just grab a cotton T-shirt when hitting the gym, but cotton is the last fabric you want to wear for a high-intensity workout. Cotton acts like a sponge, absorbing all the sweat and clinging to your body, making the clothes become wet and heavy as you exercise. Instead of cotton fabrics, look for workout clothes made from artificial fabrics like nylon, polyester, lycra, and spandex. Other than wicking the moisture from your body, these materials will also keep you warm in cooler environment and cool when the weather is warm.

Think about the type of workout when choosing your clothes

While strappy tops may be ideal for low-intensity workouts and yoga, you’ll need something more supportive for a HIIT. Of course, your workout clothes will change with the seasons, so you need to make sure you’re equipped with the right activewear for both warmer and cooler months. When temperatures rise, wear clothing that wicks moisture away and keeps your body cool. Tops and leggings made from polyester-spandex blend will allow your skin to breathe and they’ll move with your body, regardless of whether you’re running, cycling, or exercising outdoors. Quality puffer jackets are a great choice for outdoor workouts during cooler months, and they make the perfect extra layer that can easily be combined with everyday clothing. Throw them on while walking to the gym, going for a jog, or running some errands to keep yourself warm without compromising on style.

Make sure that the workout clothing fits you


When shopping for workout clothes, you want to make sure you get the right form and fit. When the clothes are too tight, too large, or feel itchy on our skin, they hinder our performance while also affecting our motivation levels. Getting yourself to workout is difficult enough, so don’t let uncomfortable clothing stand in your way of meeting your daily fitness goals. Look for activewear you like and try it in different sizes to make sure it feels comfortable. While some garments can be bought online, others need to be tried on in the store. Make sure you always try things on before buying them. Move around, bend over, and do the squat test to see whether the clothes allow for a full range of movement and ensure optimum performance.

Choose comfortable undergarments and socks


While undergarments and socks are often an afterthought when selecting workout clothes, they too need to be chosen carefully. The underwear you choose to wear while working out has to be made from breathable materials that will wick away moisture and keep you comfortable. Make sure your underwear is lightweight, and pay attention to the length of your undergarments to prevent inner thigh chafing. Women should pay attention to the bra they choose and make sure it’s supportive and comfortable. Finally, avoid wearing socks made from 100% cotton because they’ll absorb the moisture. Instead, go for the ones made from wool or nylon blend to let your feet breathe.

Activewear needs to be comfortable and fitted, but it also needs to feel good on our skin and protect it from moisture. It also has to be weather-appropriate and designed specifically for particular activities. By following these tips, you can rest assured your wardrobe will be equipped with year-round workout apparel that will enable you to feel comfortable and perform to your fullest potential.