Does Exercising at Night Affect Sleep?

If you’re the kind of person who likes working out at night, you probably have heard that exercising at this time affects your sleep. And this is true since exercising raises one’s body temperature, increases your heartbeat, and motivates the release of adrenaline hormone.

While these are the reasons you’re working out in the first place, some experts argue that they can make you struggle to have a good night’s rest. Now, the real question is whether this is true or it’s just an excuse for those who want to bail on after workouts. Continue reading to discover more here.

There’s evidence that some people struggling falling asleep after doing vigorous physical activity at night. And experts argue that such individuals should be careful of working out when it’s almost bedtime. These people have high adrenaline levels and active brains which makes it hard to wind down. With such persons, it’s advisable that they give themselves enough hours between exercising time and time for sleeping. Doing that allows your body temperature, your heart rate, and adrenaline levels to return to normal before going to bed.


However, many people work out at night and it doesn’t affect their sleep quality. A 2018 study published on Sports Medicine suggests that it’s okay to exercise in the evening so long as you avoid vigorous exercises at least an hour before bedtime. The researchers evaluated the onset and quality of sleep in 23 healthy adults who performed a single evening workout session and those who didn’t. They concluded that evening exercise didn’t affect sleep, in fact, it helped people fall asleep faster and sleep for more hours.

Exercising at any time of the day contributes to your overall wellbeing. But, with a busy schedule nowadays, the only time most people can find some workout time is in the evening. If you’re working out in the evening, only avoid strenuous physical activity when it’s almost bedtime. Instead, you can engage in less straining exercises like yoga.