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How Do You Take Pictures Hiking

In this digital era, there are numerous good reasons one would wish to leave home or work for a few days or week to trek through beautiful scenery and see different inspiring things. Hiking can present a fantastic opportunity; scenic views, wildlife, beautiful flowers, strange plants, and waterfalls among others.

It’s fulfilling to see something you’ve never seen before, and the best thing you can do to keep the memories fresh is to carry a camera with you and capture everything you want.

If you’ve been taking hiking pictures but aren’t satisfied with the results, or you’ll be hiking soon and want to capture the best memories, here are tips for taking pictures while hiking.

Do your research


Once you decide on the hiking destination, go a step further and research what other individuals have done before in the same place. Study positioning and angles so that when you get there, you’ll have a rough image of how to frame your shot. This doesn’t mean copying other photographers; it means finding a way to improve photos and make them your own.

Be aware of light

Lighting can be tricky but the truth is that it can determine the quality of your pictures. First things first, the shade provided by canopies can make a difference in your photos.

The good news is that you can avoid the lighting problem by using a flash. According to research, if the backgrounds are darker than the subjects, the image will be dull and lifeless but you can easily bring it to life using a flash. You can get more helpful hints about photography lighting techniques here.

Bring a camera that will stand up to the conditions


If you are planning to go hiking on places that rain frequently, you’ll require a moisture-resistant camera or bring along appropriate gear to protect it. It’s important to research the place you intend to hike and carry the lens that will work perfectly.

Invest in a tripod

When hiking, most people are reluctant to carry a tripod as they think it will be a burden. But, if you’d wish to take amazing photos that will create life-long memories, investing in a tripod will be a wise decision. A tripod will give you the stability you need to take a great shot and will also help you create motion shots with water, time-lapse images or make the depths of light in a night sky visible.