How Do I Stop My Ankles From Hurting When I Run?

Running is a sport that requires incredible endurance. You can master the art of a pain free run, but it just takes some preparation. The following are some tips on how to stop your ankles from hurting when you are running:

Don’t Overdo it

You might be tempted to see how far you can go the first time on the track. This, however, is a mistake. You will need to build up your endurance in order to get some momentum going.

Going short distances and training to be able to make longer ones can avoid injury. If you are in doubt, either get a coach or join a runners’ group for your skill level. This will help you to gauge what is normal for you.



However, if you feel that you are being pushed too hard, you might need to take it slower. Don’t be afraid to talk about your concerns with the coach or group leader. You might find that they are more understanding than you think.

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Pay Attention to Any Pain

If you are running and feel pain, you may have rolled your ankle. You might feel as though you can push through the pain, but you need to stop. Rolling your ankle is the least severe of the injuries, and it happens all the time.

Paying attention can help you to avoid a stress fracture. The stress fracture is the most dreaded of all for running injuries to the ankle. It starts with tiny incisions in the bone that literally crack under stress. This injury is serious enough to merit a cast.


The muscles and tendons in the ankle can also be disrupted. Be sure to wear proper footwear with arch support and pay attention if you have flat feet. Ultimately, you need to be adhering to proper training format and not overdoing it.