How Long Does It Take For You To Notice Weight Loss?

When it is a question of losing weight, it takes dedication and perseverance to the dieting schedules and the workout programs to see the results. Depending on the amount of weight you want to lose, noticing that you have lost some pound takes effort.

For you to realize a significant change in your weight, your starting size, diet plans, workouts, and diet supplements play a significant role. Even though the journey can be intimidating, it is never that easy to notice whether you have lost weight. For this reason, many get discouraged midway the long journey and tend to give up easily.

Therefore, it is recommended that you stick to your health routine to get a long-lasting solution to your weight problem. Below are some of the factors that determine how fast the results will show.

1. Starting size

If your body mass index states that you are obese at the start of the weight loss program, you can lose a substantial amount such as twenty pounds in a day. However, this kind of change is barely noticeable.


Mostly, we rate our cutting weight to whether our clothes are still fitting which is never accurate bearing in mind that most people put on oversize clothing despite their size. Hence, if you can have a weighing machine, you should make it a habit to check your progress daily or weekly. With various factors to consider, an average person will slowly cut weight compared to an overweight person.

2. Diet Type

There are plenty of programs recommended for persons who want to lose weight. During the initial stages of the program, a strict diet and exercises that will help you slash more weight get adhered to. Mostly, quality foods such as proteins, whole grains, and fiber get advocated.

By this, you ward off your unhealthy eating habits such us unplanned eating. These foods induce a satiating feeling. Hence, you last long before your main meal.

Even though the changes are minimal during the first week, your body will adjust accordingly. When this is done correctly, you are likely to notice that you have lost some weight within the first one or two weeks.

3. Low Carb Diet

One of the most recommended fast weight management programs is Atkins. It entails a strict low carb diet that enhances water loss in the body.


You should, however, stay hydrated to for a fulling feeling. When on a low carb diet, it is easily noticeable that you have lost some weight within the first two weeks. When you fit your clothes and observe yourself in the mirror, you will be pleased with what you shall see.

4. The level of exercises

Incorporating some workouts such as squats, weight lifts, press ups, and some cardio exercises is healthy cutting weight. When you include a healthy diet and some realistic exercises, the hassle will be less frustrating. With a consistent plan, at week three, your body should be able to respond well to the program. With a month, you will tell you have cut some substantial weight when your clothing fails to appear loose.

The amount of time it takes for one to lose weight differ with individuals. Hence, it is the motivation and the drive to conduct a healthy lifestyle that determines how fast the changes will kick start.