woman with strong core

How to Achieve Core Strength

What exactly is the core and why is it so important? The core is basically a collection of muscles that stabilize and controlled the spine and pelvis (and hence influence the arms and legs as well). Core strength is all about being able to keep the body in perfect alignment to unload the major joints and promote ease of motion. When a person has poor or imbalanced core strength, then his/her posture can be severely affected resulting in pain, instability, and chronic back pain. Core strength, therefore, is a critical key to good health.

Do core strength-building exercises

There are various core strength-building exercises that you can perform to promote better posture and keep your spine in its right place. The most popular ones are squats, dead-lifts, sit-ups, and push-ups. If you want to strengthen your abs then a sit-up is an excellent exercise. These simple exercises not only help you to get into a good posture but also make your core stronger.

Among the core strength exercises that should be performed regularly is the plank, balancing wall, straight leg raise, vertical leg raises, balancing cable stretch, and hip flexor stretch. These exercises help to develop your stabilizer muscles and help you to maintain proper body alignment. They also strengthen the back, abdominal muscles, and hip flexors and glutes.

Another exercise to strengthen your abdominals and core muscles crunches. Strong crunches keep your spine and pelvis in alignment. You should do crunches daily and after every workout. However, it is best that you do them with a medicine ball. Doing crunches with a medicine ball does not only help strengthen your legs and back, but it will also help strengthen your core muscles in your abdomen and lower back.

Do exercises for other parts of the body

However, it is important that you know that these exercises are not enough. Core strengthening does not stop with these exercises. It is important that you do more than these exercises so that your body gets the complete training it needs to be as strong and stable as it can be. That is why it is important to combine these exercises with exercises that strengthen your entire core. For example, doing stomach crunches while lifting your entire back will work better than just doing sit-ups alone.

A famous trainer of mixed martial arts warriors and other fighters who want to achieve a strong core for his fighting style says, “The single most important exercise to have for your abdomen is sitting up.” He explains that by simply sitting up with your back straight and your head up you will achieve a strong core. This exercise does not only work your abdominals but also keeps your spine aligned correctly. He continues, “also standing up from a sitting position will also help you to develop a strong core.”

Pro of having a strong core

Not only will these exercises help strengthen your abdominals and core strength, but they will also improve your posture and keep you from being injured. Many athletes have seen major improvements in their athletic performance after practicing these simple exercises on a daily basis. Crunches are also great for improving your posture which in turn improves your overall health. If you are an athlete who finds that your spine is giving you trouble while running, jogging, or playing sports, you should definitely consider doing sit-ups and crunches on a daily basis.


The abdominal six-pack is something that some people think is unattainable. However, if you want to look like you have a strong core strength then there are many ways to achieve this goal. People think of having the ab workout programs on television when they think of toning their abdominals and strengthening their core strength. You can get rid of your love handles, develop rock-hard abs, and lose weight all with the right exercise program.