How To Practice Mindfulness While You Exercise

It is possible to practice mindfulness and at the same time do physical exercises. The practice of mindfulness can be divided into meditation practices and daily training. The practice starts with meditation and the everyday EXERCISE include;

1. Picking a time and a trigger
2. Finding a quiet spot
3. Get comfortable
4. Clarify one’s intentions
5. Focus on your breath

Finding a trigger for the exercise is essential and can be a random time or thing during the day that will help one remember that they have to go for exercise and focus on it. The next step is finding a quiet spot where one has to have uninterrupted time for a couple of minutes.


Getting comfortable means finding the most comfortable position whether it is sitting or lying. However, sitting is most preferred because most people have a tendency to sleep and lying will encourage them to sleep more. Ensure that you have the best intentions as you start the exercise because only then can one concentrate on the workouts.

For the morning exercises, one’s intention was to wake up early and ready for the workout. Make sure that you are aware of the sounds inside and outside the exercise room and silence them if they are not needed to provide a quiet spot for easy concentration.

Also, note the quality of the light in the place. In all the exercises, ensure that your breathing is perfect so that one does not run out of the air.

For the running exercises, it is not ok to listen to music even though so many people prefer listening to music while running. Also, running should be done outside and not in the gym because this EXERCISE requires that senses have more to connect with the outside.


Start the EXERCISE by noting the mindful breaths you take as you walk along. At this moment, become aware of your body as a whole starting from building from the normal walking, then proceed to walk fast and finally start running.