How To Use A Leg Stretcher

Majority of people including gymnasts, artists, and other athletes often use leg stretchers for greater flexibility in their lower bodies. A leg stretcher is a simple device that steadily stretches the key muscles of the legs. The leg stretcher increases flexibility in the calves, hamstrings, inner thighs, and adductors.

These stretches are essential in movements that need full range motion from the lower body and legs such as splits, toe touches, and high kicks.

You can purchase a leg stretcher from online retailers, or instore sporting goods and fitness equipment. The cost of leg stretchers varies with the most straightforward design going for less than fifty US dollars. Here is an exclusive look at how to use a leg stretcher.

Start With a Warm Up

Starting with a warm-up is essential before getting into intense workout, these should be light cardio exercises to prepare you for intense stretches.


It helps you, to elevate your body temperature, warm up the muscles and increase the heart rate. Examples of warm-up exercises include jogging, cycling, rowing, walking or jumping rope. After some minutes you can perform some light stretches to prepare your legs for a more intense stretching workout.

Leg Stretcher Usage

In every mild beginning stretch, you should start by sitting on the floor. Ensure that you sit tall and straight on your bottom also referred to as ischium. It is the curved bone at your pelvis base. You should then lean forward without rounding your back at the hips.

Adjusting the leg stretcher slowly will push your legs apart comfortably. This is the mild beginning stretch that you should start with when using a leg stretcher.

Progressing the Stretch

You should use the leg stretcher to stretch your legs as far as you feel comfortable then hold on for half a minute to one minute. Adjusting the leg stretcher varies depending on the type of stretcher. Some needs you to pull the center bar towards you, press the control button or turn the ratchet handle.


Ensure that you maintain your normal breath without holding it. After a minute, sit up straight or slightly leaning forward at the hips without rounding your back. Try and contract your leg muscles by pushing them together against resisting force of the leg stretcher.

Hold on to this contraction for approximately ten to fifteen seconds. Breathe in and then breathe out forcefully as you release the contractions. You should then increase the leg stretch to greater width as the muscles relax. You should then hold on to this new position for about a minute. Repeat the same procedure until you can make further progress no longer. Hold on to the last position for about one and a half minute then slowly release the stretch.


Leg stretchers are essential in giving you maximum flexibility to your lower body and legs. This article gives you essential guidelines on how to use a leg stretcher. In case you have a burning feeling in your muscles, or they start shaking uncontrollably, you should release the leg stretcher slowly until the symptoms get relieved. Always sit up tall during stretching and avoid rounding up your back to avoid injury.