Is Distance Running Bad For Your Heart

Running is a beneficial exercise, especially when we look at the health and economic benefits that come along with it. Running is one of the most popular as well as an efficient way of exercising. This is something may people engage in when looking to keep fit or even as a career.

Many people enjoy this aerobic exercise, and this is because it is perfect for the heart, and this is up to a certain extent. If it is long distance running, that becomes a different story. And we are going to look at the various researches which prove that long-distance running may be bad for your heart.


Various studies have found out that the hearts of marathon runners may contain plenty of plaques alongside other heart problem signs. If you compare the heart of a long-distance athlete with that of a less active person, you will find that the one for a less active person is healthier.

Even though engaging in marathons may help in increasing your chances of surviving a heart attack, it can as well increase your chances of having a heart attack. You can Get More Info here

Many people claim that marathon runners are unhealthy because of how frail some of them look. Well, this shouldn’t be the case because majorities of runners look healthy; some of these are but narratives.


While long-distance running may be bad for your heart, it can also be very beneficial for your health if you look at it differently. Especially when combined with weight training activities, it can help in preventing you from diseases like obesity.

This way, you will be able to live a healthier life.If you love running, you should continue with it, don’t give up on your dreams because if narratives that lack back up.