What Should You Not Wear When Running

Running attire and gear seem simple to come up with when planning to run. It is not simple at all. There are different types of clothes that you should not wear. You should avoid them because they will give you a hard time when it comes to running. You should be free and comfortable with what you are wearing. We shall reflect on some of the attires and gears that you should avoid wearing whenever you are running.

If you wear the wrong attire, it can result in injuries. Some of the injuries can be back pain, blisters, and others. here is a list of what you should not wear when running.

Clothes Made of Cotton

Clothes made of 100% cotton should be the first to be avoided. When running, you sweat a lot, and your shirt or short will get wet.


Once the cotton is wet, it does not dry out quickly as compared to other materials. You will stay wet for a long time, which can be dangerous in the cold season. If you have cotton socks and they get wet, you are prone to painful blisters.

Worn out Shoes

Running in worn-out shoes can expose you to some severe injuries. You are likely to lose the shock absorption and stability hence increasing stress and significant impact on your leg.

You should be ready for running by having a new pair of shoe. Additionally, you can have a new one and an old one to alternate once the old one becomes tiring.

Heavy layered Jackets during Winter Runs


A heavy jacket with fleece on the inside is not appropriate to wear when running during a winter season. You can get simple long-sleeved merino wear to warm you up is enough to avoid too much freezing. When running, heat is being generated in your body, and that is enough for you when running.

New Attire

Many are tempted to have new attire when running. It can be a great mistake for you to run in a new pair of shoe or a sports bra. You should try them before the actual day to ensure they are right and you can feel comfortable in them.