running socks to prevent blisters

What are the best running socks to prevent blisters?

There are several running socks in the market these days, however, choosing the right socks for your feet is not an easy task, there are several factors that you really have to look at before you settle on a particular type, it is therefore important that you understand the properties that each type of socks comes with in order to get the one that best suits your needs. You need to properly prioritize the features that you are looking for so that you can make the best decision, below are some of the best running socks to prevent blisters that a runner can look and choose from.

Thorlo socks

Most people refer to it as the winter socks, they provide cushioning and are made with two soles which are thick and are specifically important for those runners who have to run through the harsh winter weather in a daily basis. These types of socks are normally fit; they are also soft and provide the runner with a comfortable feel. However, these types of socks have some downsides, and after washing them several times, you will notice that they will start to lose their stretching and hence become stiff.


More so, there have been a lot of complains from many people that just after the first washing, these socks fail to hold up well. However, it is advisable for users to opt far different washing methods for these socks, despite those complains, it is important to note that Thorlo is a great type of socks, especially due to it thick cushion that helps in providing warmth for an athlete’s cold feet during winter.

Thirty48 socks

These anti blister socks types are of the low cut style. These socks normally fit well with any type of running shoes, these types of socks are known to be very comfortable, it is also slightly thicker in the right areas, and these are places like the balls of the feet as well as the heel. Its thick nature serves a very important role which is to prevent blisters from forming in athlete’s feet. These socks also help in offering breathability in the feet and also provide versatility in running.

Thirty48 socks

However, some users complain that after washing this sock, its material deteriorates rapidly and hence become fragile. However, you have to keep in mind that when it comes to durability, feel and fit, it is the best option.

Smart wool socks

These types of socks are essential to your feet as an athlete; this is because they largely help in regulating the temperature around your feet. They protect athlete’s feet from dust and help in enhancing the athlete’s personality.

They are made of fabric material which helps in insulating the feet as well as absorbing the moisture that might be present in the feet. These types of socks can be worn under any condition. For those who would like to go for outdoor activities like hiking and some other rough adventures, this should be your option.