What Is Compression Therapy For Legs?

Compression therapy for legs is the wearing of stockings or stockings to provide support to the veins. The support provided to the veins ensures there is safe circulation of blood by preventing blood from pooling in the leg veins. The compression therapy for legs improves the efficiency of the lymphatic and venous systems of the user.

Read below to find a summary of the compression therapy.

Benefits of Compression Therapy

• Speedy wound recovery

Compression therapy improves blood flow in the veins. The wound is protected from getting infected, and the wound healing is hastened. Recurrence of the wound is also kept at bay.

• Reduced swelling on the legs

Compression Therapy

The compression limits swelling in the legs. The compression stockings provide the required amount of pressure to prevent extra fluids from accumulating the leg tissues.

• Compression therapy is good for Venous and lymphatic issues

The compression socks and stockings have been used to manage venous and lymphatic-related conditions. Patients have given positive feedback about the healing effects of the therapy.

Who should get Compression Therapy?

Individuals that stand for long periods.

Patients with varicose veins and leg swelling

Anyone suffering from post-thrombotic syndrome

Pregnant mothers

Who should avoid the Compression Therapy?

Patients with these conditions:

Patients with congestive heart failure

Skin infections

Impaired sensitivity in the limbs or Ischemia

If you are enduring any of the above conditions, you should consult from your physician before you get the compression stockings.

How to get the Compression Socks

Consult your physician before you get medical compression socks or stockings. Your health provider shall help you find the best pressure grade for your health condition. Your healthcare provider may also guide you to an authorized vendor of compression socks. You can see this product in many online and physical shops, but others sell the fake version of the socks.


The compression therapy is of benefit to people that work for long hours on end, those who stand for long hours, athletes, regular travelers, among many others. The socks and stockings are available in different sizes, thickness, and texture. Avoid the fake compression socks by purchasing your pair from an authorized vendor.