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What Should U Eat Before A Run

Amateur runners are mostly affected by the anticipation and expectation of performing in a particular race. One important factor they should always have in mind is the need to eat healthy food before the race, which fancies their chance to be competitive.

Consuming the right diet and food proportions prior to a major racing event will help you gather the right energy and momentum.


You need to get things right to avoid issues related to stomach upsets and frequent stopovers which befits the need to participate in a competitive race. The energy you derive from the food you take should help you adapt to a race as well as help your muscles recovery.

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Running is always an energy-demanding activity that needs people who can withstand the fatigue and stress on the muscles. Caution is taken when preparing for the running activity, especially with the diet. You don’t want something that mat react badly and prompt occasion halts. The food items that are high in fat may result to feel full effect that may not provide the ideal conditions. Also, consuming fibrous foods might trigger trot, which is an embarrassing experience.


The ideal diet is supposed to constitute a pre-run carb that should supply you with adequate energy. Proteins and fats take longer to digest, which might bring unnecessary discomfort, especially when breaking down complex proteins. Ideally, you should consume around 25 to 50 grams of carbs, depending on your energy requirement.

The day prior the race should be all about preparing your body by fueling the muscles as well as hydrating. Earlier preparation helps the body to take in sufficient fluids and electrolytes for the race.

The type of race will determine the amount of energy you need. Fewer intensity races demand less energy which means short runs require the body to take up easily digestible carbs. You may also result to added carbohydrates during the run since you don’t expect much from the race. Morning races need a light meal which could constitute a low fibre carbohydrate-rich snack.