5 Items You Need to Carry in Your Tennis Bag

Every tennis enthusiast will tell you that tennis is about more than competition. It’s an experience and, as such, it depends on your planning, preparedness and immersion. Now, there’s one way for you to improve on all of these things at the same time and it’s to improve your inventory. This will help you have everything that you need in your bag and not have to worry about anything outside of your next match or your next training session. So, here are five items you need to carry in your tennis bag, regardless if your aim to become a professional or merely show interest in playing tennis recreationally.

Tennis racquets

No matter how quality-made or how new your tennis racquet is, there’s always a possibility that you’ll break or damage it. It could slip from your fingers or you could deliberately slam it into the ground in blind rage (it is known to happen even to the calmest of players). Now, the only worse thing than damaging your racquet is not being able to continue the match. Fortunately, the majority of people buy them in pairs. Why settle for an old club racquet when you can have an identical one in your hand in a matter of seconds?

A water bottle

The next thing you need to have is your water bottle. Now, other than being a basic need of a human being, hydration is incredibly important for your athletic performance. Remember that a tennis match can last for hours, which means that you’ll spend an unnaturally long period of time in a state of increased sweat rate. This is why you need to have a water bottle at hand. In a scenario where this does end up lasting this long, you should probably have someone refill it for you, or do it on your own between sets.


One of the biggest misconceptions about food and physical activity is the fact that you need to eat at least three or four hours leading to a match/training session. This, however, is as far from the truth as it gets. Sure, you don’t want to engage in too much physical activity while stuffed but eating a protein bar an hour (or even half an hour) before the match could be quite beneficial. A banana or some peanuts (about 20-30 grams) before the match could drastically increase your athletic performance. The last thing you want to do is be forced into a match while starved out.

A change of clothes

Keep in mind that other than being all sweaty at the end of the training, there are so many other issues that could befall your tennis apparel. Sure, as an athlete, you might not mind a bit of sweat or even dirt on your clothes, however, what if one of your essential clothing items gets ripped or damaged in the process. Ordering an additional tennis skirt from an online platform like TennisGear is always a smart move. After all, when folded properly, this item won’t take much room in your bag.

A towel

Regardless of the sporting activity that you’re engaging in, you need to have a towel in your bag. This towel can be used to wipe yourself in breaks or as a temporary hat to shield you from sun rays. You can also use it to wipe the grip from your racquet if it feels too sweaty, as well as to sit on it if you feel like the seat is dirty/wet. Naturally, you want to bring more than one towel, so that you can shower afterward.

As you can see, these are all standard must-have tennis items and the issue of packing them all shouldn’t be an issue. Why? Well because the majority of tennis bag manufacturers are designing these accessories with all of these items in mind. Therefore, optimizing your inventory shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Soon, packing these items will become a routine, which will improve your organizational efforts even further.