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Is Distance Running Bad For Your Heart

Running is a beneficial exercise, especially when we look at the health and economic benefits that come along with it. Running is one of the most popular as well as an efficient way of exercising. This is something may people engage in when looking to keep fit or even as a career. Many people enjoy […]

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Is Long Distance Running Healthy

Long distance runners will advocate their sport to anyone. They will tell you how great they feel thanks to the production of endorphins; they are very energetic and are in really good shape. When they put it like that, it does sound like a great way to exercise. You may not think that running is […]

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Should You Start Running Marathons?

If you want to start running marathons, you should not be doing it just for the hell of it. Sure, it’s one thing to go on a run once in a while and enjoy your experience, but if you are seriously considering marathons and doing them regularly, you should give some serious thought to why […]

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What Is The Most Popular Marathon In The World

Ask 10 runners exactly what the top marathons are from the all over the world, and you can get 10 distinct answers. Marathon memories really are, to say the very least, exposed to our biases. Smash a PB at the Luton Marathon and (let us have a leap of the imagination here) it might immediately […]

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