How to Prepare for Triathlon

Triathlon is a multi-sport race which has three continuous and with successive stamina races. This sport exists in various ways which include swimming, cycling and running over several distances. Athletes are in a set up where they exchange gears for different sections of the race.

With 12 weeks a person can manage to work on fitness without giving up your life. Thinking about trail running, it might be easier than we think if we have the essential gear like a good pair of running shoes which can be gotten from the local stores.

Here are ways to prepare for a triathlon

· Essential gear

There are several types of equipment that is required for a triathlon, and they don’t necessarily have to be very expensive. For swimming goggles are required together with a swimsuit.


For cycling, you would require a bicycle that is in shape or a good working order the most preferred type of bike is the or worn sans are recommended you can also use clipless pedals with cycling shoes and a bottle of water just in case of long rides. A runner should have a good pair of running shoes.

Once you have the proper gear, you are good to go.

· Time commitment

To minimize the chances of injuries you need at least 12 weeks to get in the right shape. You can commit to training five times a week with at least two and a half hours a day.

Ensure you have established either you swim or bike or run schedule and gradually increase the distances you cover gradually.

· Resistant training

Include resistant training as a measure of your weekly package, and it is recommendable that it is done after you have gained endurance.


This exercise help strengthen the muscles especially the primary muscles that are desired in every discipline. For you to enhance your swim add strength from the back, the arms and the shoulders to enable you to create mobility in the trunk.

Work on increasing the power of the quads, glutes and the hamstrings for the bike.

· Include rest

Having a rest twice a week is very helpful to make you recover. You should rest after you have taken a long hard work out if you have to make rest days inclusive in your program.

· Tips for the training

You should start by familiarizing yourself with the course that you chose. Most of the time swimming proves to be the hardest triathlon, so it is essential to look for a good coach for the same.

For swimming equipment, you need a swim cap to ensure that you have fitting goggles. The technique that is normally used is for ensuring that your head is always down and maintain your feet out. Try breathing after every two strokes to achieve good results.



For the bike, you should have mechanical gear as the equipment together with a helmet for the beginners. And for technique ensure that you are physically fit to be able to stroke the pedal at least 12 o’clock at the bottom and 6 o’clock at the top. The technique used when running Is endurance and stride pace.